Poker freerolls: how to participate and what you can win

Freerolls are still very popular. They are attended not only by beginners who have decided to try their hand at poker, but also by pros who have set a goal to build up their bankroll. Participation in them opens up the opportunity to gain the skills of a tournament game without any risk and replenish your account with cash prizes.

What are freerolls

Freerolls are a type of poker tournament. Their peculiarity is the absence of buy-ins. This means that there is no entry fee to participate. Thanks to this, players do not risk anything. At the same time, they get the same stacks at the start, that is, they have equal chances of winning. Despite the absence of buy-ins, it is not always possible for everyone to take part in freerolls. Such tournaments may provide for different registration options:
  1. By tickets. They are issued to active players, for deposits, new customers after opening an account, etc.
  2. By passwords. They are posted on social networks, on thematic forums, in official Telegram channels, etc.
  3. No conditions. In this case, participation in the freeroll is available to everyone. Just go to the page with the tournament and click the "Play" button. The user will be automatically registered in the upcoming event.
Freerolls, like regular poker tournaments, have a limit on the number of participants. Usually it is 500-2000 people. Therefore, it is important to apply for participation in advance. If you register a few minutes before the start of the tournament, then there is a risk of not getting into it.

Types of prizes

Most freerolls feature cash prizes. The guarantee for them is formed at the expense of the gambling establishment. It is known in advance, as well as the number of prizes. They can be determined during the final tables or before the bubble, and then they are assigned based on the size of the players' current stacks. Prize funds usually range from 500 to 3000 hryvnia. This is much less than in tournaments with buy-ins. However, do not forget that there are no risks in freerolls. These tournaments also offer the following types of prizes:
  1. Tournament money. They cannot be withdrawn, but can be used to pay buy-ins in regular tournaments.
  2. Tickets. They can be used to participate in satellites, paid MTTs or Sit and Go.

Display formats

Freerolls are held in different formats. Most often they are represented by multi-table tournaments, they can be held with rebuys and add-ons. In this case, participants can add stacks to increase their chances of winning and implement more complex strategies. But additional purchase of chips is paid. Some freerolls are played without rebuys and add-ons. Then, after using the entire stack, the player leaves the tournament and remains without a reward if he has not reached the prize zone before this moment. Freerolls are also held in the all-in format. They take the least time as stacks of participants are automatically staked in the first hand. Then those who did not collect strong combinations fly out, and in this order further.

Participation Benefits

The popularity of freerolls is due to the following advantages:
  1. No risk at all. Even if you fail to reach the prize zone, you will not need to compensate for the lost stack.
  2. Gaining Tournament Experience. This is true for beginners who want to master this format of poker.
  3. Building a bankroll from scratch. Many poker players manage to increase their balance through participation.
  4. A chance to win tickets to paid tournaments. They provide for the drawing of larger prize pools. Their sizes can reach 1 million hryvnias.
  5. Strategy development. In freerolls, you can evaluate their effectiveness and correct the right moment.
Another plus of freerolls is regularity. This allows you to play poker daily for free.


What are the criteria for choosing freerolls?

It is necessary to take into account the size of the prize fund, the number of prizes and participants.

Do I need to win back the received money in freerolls?

No, they can be immediately withdrawn or used for further play.

How long do freerolls take?

They can last for several hours. If the tournaments are held in the all-in format, then the names of the winners become known 15-20 minutes after the start.

Are there any chances for beginners to win in freerolls?

Yes, in such tournaments more than 90% are players with no experience, so the probability of getting into prizes is high.

Can I use the same freeroll password multiple times?

No, it gives the right to take part in the tournament once. In the future, you need to look for new passwords.