Verification at Joker Win online casino

The virtual club operates under a CRAIl license and adheres to the requirements of the regulator. Verification of users gives us the opportunity to make your stay in the online casino safe. It prevents outsiders from gaining access to your account and using your funds. In addition, personal identification makes it possible to understand that the user is an adult and resides in the country within the jurisdiction of the company.

What is verification in a casino and why is it needed?

Verification is a confirmation of the identity of the player. The user provides a passport and other documents that may be required to verify personal data. Thus, the operator protects itself and users from fraudsters, registration of minors. The user does not have to worry about the safety of information. The online club ensures complete confidentiality and adheres to international GDPR standards and data encryption. We adhere to the following principles:
  1. Legal, fair and transparent user policy.
  2. Data is collected and processed only for the purposes specified in the privacy policy and is not used for other purposes.
  3. We collect only the data that is necessary for the legitimate activities of the online casino.
  4. Information is retained no longer than necessary to identify users.
  5. Data processing is carried out taking into account the protection of information. The risk of illegal processing, loss or leakage of information is completely excluded.

What documents do I need to verify my account?

The user will need to provide a scanned copy of the passport, as well as a photo with the main spread of the passport in hand. In addition, the user confirms his phone number and email address during registration. Player identification can be carried out by means of an electronic signature, the BankID method, a SIM card supporting the MobileID method, and other methods.

Account verification process

To pass identification, you need to perform a few simple steps:
  1. Create an account on an online casino site. Specify reliable data during registration, otherwise there may be difficulties during verification, which will lead to withdrawal restrictions.
  2. Send documents for client verification (passport scan) to technical support email.
  3. Joker Win has the right to request a photo from the player with a passport in hand or contact via video.
  4. Wait for verification confirmation. The process takes from several days to several weeks. The answer about the decision will come to the user's personal account.

When should I go through verification?

The user authentication process takes time. The administration needs to carefully check the documents to exclude the possibility of forgery. In rare cases, it may take several weeks to clarify all the circumstances and request additional documents. We recommend that you go through verification immediately after creating an account. You do not have to wait for a long withdrawal of funds. When the player's identity is confirmed, he can withdraw the winnings in a few hours. If verification has not yet been passed, the user will not be able to transfer money until the procedure is completed.

Why can verification confirmation be denied?

Joker Win online casino has the right to refuse a player in the following cases:
  • document images submitted by the user are of poor quality and difficult to identify;
  • last name and first name specified during registration do not match the information in the document;
  • the user is different from the passport photo or difficult to identify - in this case, additional verification may be required;
  • client is under legal age;
  • player is a citizen of a country outside the jurisdiction of the regulator;
  • other reasons.
To avoid problems during verification, enter only valid data. Follow the requirements of the Joker WIN casino when providing documents and specifying payment details. This will speed up the process and help avoid problems when withdrawing funds.