Poker is the most popular card game in the world. You can play it on the website of our online casino Joker WIN. We offer table format and video poker. Each game type has its own features and benefits. In this article, we will dwell on them in detail, as well as analyze the rules, the principle of construction and the seniority of combinations.

The main types of poker and their features

Poker as a card game has been around for over 450 years. It originated in Europe – in Italy and Spain they were very fond of spending time with such entertainment. The players competed among themselves by collecting combinations. Initially, there were only three of them, but then changes began to be made to the rules of poker. As a result, not only more combinations appeared, but also various modifications of such a game.

In a live poker format, participants can compete both among themselves and against the casino. In the first case, you can win not only by collecting the strongest combinations, but by bluffing – forcing the opponents to fold before comparing the card layouts.

When playing against a casino, participants need to get a higher combination than the dealer to win. It may seem that this format is more complicated, since it does not involve a bluff. But in fact, playing against offline or online establishments is much easier. To confront real opponents at cash tables and in tournaments, you need a lot of experience, knowledge of poker mathematics and strategies, as well as psychology. When playing slots with poker or at tables with nominal dealers, it is enough to know the basic rules and the principle of making combinations.

Each existing variety of this card entertainment has its own nuances in the rules. Let’s dwell on the most popular poker disciplines:

  1. Texas Hold’em. Classic version of poker. When making combinations, the player operates with two hole cards and five cards from the board.
  2. Omaha. Its main difference from hold’em is more hole cards – players get four, and five more are revealed on the table.
  3. Stud. Discipline without a board, so when making combinations, players use only their hole cards.
  4. Razz. A variation of seven card stud. To win here, you need to collect a combination of the lowest order.

Basic poker rules and hand flow

First, let’s look at how to play the regular format of poker, where the hands are played at the tables. The participant needs to make an ante bet, taking into account the current minimum and maximum limits. Then the dealer deals cards and again passes the turn to the player. He can announce a pass, a call or agree to an exchange. The first action means refusing to continue playing with the loss of the ante, the second means participating in the hand with the need to make an additional bet. When exchanging, you can replace any number of cards. But such an action is also accompanied by the need to add money to the bank.

After a call or exchange comes showdown. At this stage, the combinations of the dealer and the player are compared. Whoever has it older wins the hand.

Video poker is also available on the online casino site. It is a kind of mix of slot machine and card game. The interface in it is borrowed from slots, and in order to receive winnings, participants need to collect poker combinations.

To start the game, you need to make a bet, then the machine will deal 5 random cards. The player can replace any of them. After that, the results of the distribution will be summed up. Here the participant does not compete with the dealer, therefore, to receive a payout, it is enough to collect a combination of a pair or better. Moreover, the older it is, the larger the winnings will be credited.

The principle of composing and seniority of poker hands

To successfully play poker, you need to know the rules for making combinations and their seniority. Consider them in detail in descending order of strength:

  1. Royal flush (royal flush). The most valuable poker hand. It is represented by a suit sequence from ten to ace.
  2. Straight flush. A card combination is formed by consecutive denominations of the same suit, for example, 3-4-5-6-7 of spades.
  3. Kare. The layout is represented by four cards of the same rank, for example, 5-5-5-5.
  4. Full house. The combination consists of three cards of the same denomination and a pair of another rank. Example: 5-5-5-3-3.
  5. Flash. Five cards of the same suit that do not form a sequence at face value. For example, 5-6-9-2-4 spades.
  6. Street. A sequence of five denominations, for example, 5-6-7-8-9.
  7. Set. Three cards of the same rank and two of any other. For example, 8-8-8-2-9.
  8. Two couples. The name of the combination speaks for itself: two pair ranks and any other card. For example, J-J-K-K-9.
  9. Pair. Two cards of the same rank and any other denominations. For example, 5-5-6-9-7.
  10. The highest card. The combination is represented by the highest rank in the hand.

Each card layout has its own frequency of occurrence. The higher it is, the more difficult it is to assemble a combination:

NameDrop Chance
Royal Flush1 of 649,739
Straight Flush1 of 72,192
Kare1 of 4164
Full House1 of 693
Flash1 of 508
Street1 of 254
Set1 of 46
Two pairs1 of 20
Pair1 of 2
High Card

Poker bonuses from Joker WIN casino

A welcome offer is available at our casino for new customers. It provides for the issuance of a bonus up to 50,000 hryvnia. Funds can be used to play poker. To receive them, you need to register on the Joker WIN website and make a deposit of at least 1500 UAH – 100% will be credited to it.

You can use the money received from the casino to play any kind of poker. A bonus is issued with x35 wager. You have 72 hours to wager it from the moment of activation.

Playing poker for real money at Joker WIN online casino

To play on the site of our online casino for real money, a new client must be sure to wager an account. Step by step guide to help:

  1. On the start page of the Joker WIN website, click the “Register” button.
  2. Choose how to open an account: by phone or email.
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. Agree to the terms of the user agreement.
  5. Click the “Register” button.

After submitting the form, you will be automatically logged into your account. A “Deposit” button will appear at the top of the site interface. Click on it to replenish your game account. In the opened form, select the payment method, specify the deposit amount and confirm the transaction.

Funds are credited to the account balance instantly, which allows you to immediately switch to the game. To start it, open the section with card entertainment on the site. In it, select one of the slots or poker tables and click the “Play” button.

Free poker game at Joker WIN online casino

On our site you can play for free. To do this, all slots and poker tables support demo mode. Bets in it are conducted on virtual loans – “wrappers”. This completely eliminates financial risks. For beginners, this is a great opportunity to understand the rules of poker, gain experience, evaluate the return of slots, and test strategies.

To start playing for free at Joker WIN casino, follow these steps:

  1. Open the section with card games on our website.
  2. Check out the available versions of poker.
  3. Select one of the titles and hover your mouse over it.
  4. Click the Demo button and wait for the game to launch.

Effective poker strategy

There are many strategies for playing poker. They are based on the following mechanics:

  1. If even a couple of deuces did not come from the hand, then you need to immediately fold.
  2. When the dealer has an Ace or King up, you should continue playing with any pair and fold if there is no combination.
  3. Unpaired and non-consecutive ranks should be exchanged.

When playing poker, it is important to keep a count of outs. They are understood as the number of cards left in the deck, which can help in making a combination. Outs are calculated according to a simple scheme. You need to divide the number of suits or denominations opened on the board and received into hands by 46 and multiplied by 100. The resulting percentage value allows you to understand the relevance of the exchange. It must be done with 8 or more outs.

Popular versions of poker and their features

Many providers specialize in the release of poker games. They offer the audience different versions of this card discipline. Let’s take a look at the most popular of them:

NameProviderFeaturesRTP, %
Russian PokerChampion StudioThere are three boxes available for betting. There is a field for a bonus bet – plays when a player collects a straight or higher99.6
Poker Teen PattiEvoplayThe player receives two hole cards at the start and may fold or double down. Then, in three stages, the cards of the board are opened with the possibility of making additional bets97.5
Caribbean PokerBetsoftYou can only bet on one box. The user plays with a starting hand without the possibility of exchanging cards94.78
Texas Hold’em Poker 3DEvoplayThe game is played according to the classic rules of Texas Hold’em with two pocket cards and five from the board96.5
Poker 7 Jack or BetterChampion StudioThe game is played in video poker format. You can play multiple hands at the same time. The payout is credited if there are two pairs or a higher combination96.8
Joker PokerWazdanVideopoker with exchange. Winnings are awarded for any two pairs and above96.07
Red Black PokerSkywind GroupThere are several types of bets available at the table. Payouts are charged for pairs and higher combinations96.78
American Poker GoldWazdanVideopoker with exchange. The payout is charged for a pair of jacks or a higher combination96.58

Advice for beginners from professional players

Poker cannot be called a simple card game, so it is important for beginners to practice before betting on real money. It is necessary not only to fix the rules in practice, but also to understand the mechanics of strategies. In addition, it is recommended to adhere to the following principles:

  1. Choose high RTP slots and tables. In them, the advantage of the casino is minimal.
  2. Start with simple disciplines. These include three-card types of poker.
  3. Play at low stakes. Their size does not affect the outcome of the distribution, so it makes no sense to risk large sums.
  4. Follow strategies clearly. They have mathematical validity, so strict adherence to their principles allows you to get a profit when playing for real money.

Another important tip: don’t get carried away. It’s not a good idea to make big raises on the back of a few winning hands or try to win back a losing streak this way. This will only lead to loss of money.


Can I play poker for real money at Joker WIN casino?

Yes, for this a new user needs to register on our website and make a deposit in any convenient way.

What types of online poker are there?

At Joker WIN you can play Oasis Poker Classic, Poker Teen Patti, Texas Hold’em Poker, Triple Edge Poker, Russian Poker and other popular versions of poker.

How to learn to play poker?

You need to carefully study the rules, remember the principle of drawing up and the seniority of combinations, and then practice in a free mode on our website.

Is it possible to consistently win with strategies?

No, they only reduce the advantage of the casino, but do not give a 100% guarantee of receiving payments.

How to check the effectiveness of strategies?

You need to choose a demo mode of poker games and test them at tables with stakes on conditional loans.