Scratch cards

Scratch card is a casual game of chance. It is also called the fast lottery. The player purchases tickets with a protective layer, he needs to erase it to find out how much he won.

This type of entertainment appeared back in the 70s in the States. They were offered in mini-markets, where they immediately paid out a small prize amount if the visitor was lucky. On the Internet, such fast lotteries appeared with the development of online casinos. The numbers drawn on the card are determined by a random number generator. This game is similar to a regular slot game. There is a separate section for scratch cards in the Joker Win catalogue.

The history of scratch cards

To attract interest in lotteries in the United States, they came up with special cardboard cards with a protective layer. Under it indicated the amount of winnings. Instant draws have increased the demand for tickets and the income of lottery organizers. One of the American lotteries was called “Instant Game”.

The idea was patented by AstroMed Inc. In Ukraine, until the 2000s, instant draws were also popular. Cards were sold at post offices, newsstands.

Later, scratch cards were also used for promotions. They are issued when buying in chain stores, online markets, give to potential customers during advertising campaigns. Scratch cards were also sold during charity lotteries. Coupons have been used in other areas as well. For example, cards with a code are purchased to activate the services of an Internet provider or a mobile operator.

The protective layer is an important part of the card. It is made dense, opaque. The layer should not disappear from accidental touches. At the same time, it is made in such a way that it can be easily erased if necessary.

In an online casino, the scratch card has a virtual protective layer. It is removed with a simple click. What is under it depends on the random number generator. It works depending on the characteristics set by the provider: the level of return and volatility.

Scratch2Cash was the first to offer online scratch cards. Other providers also liked the idea. They release games with different design, bonuses. Some online slots even offer jackpots.

Scratch Card Rules

The principle of the game is simple. The user purchases the coupon online and removes the protective layer. If 3 identical symbols fell out, it receives a payout. The result is displayed on the screen immediately. In various modifications, prizes are given out if the symbols line up; in others, their location on the playing field does not matter.

The amount of payments depends on the specific model. Scratch cards are different from each other:

  1. At the price of a ticket. It can be fixed or depend on the size of the playing field. The amount is written in the rules of the slot.
  2. The number of cells. The standard field is considered to be 3×3. But manufacturers are not limited to such sizes. In some models, its size can be changed in the settings.
  3. The number of tickets. In some machines, you can only buy one coupon at a time. In others, cards are sold in packs of up to 100 pieces.
  4. Built-in jackpots. They are played randomly among users who play for money.
  5. Themed design. Classic scratch cards are presented in the form of tickets. But developers offer different variations. They issue coupons based on fairy tales, cartoons, in the form of animals and film characters.
  6. The size and types of prizes. In addition to money in the lottery, you can win a free game, an additional bonus round or a multiplier for the following payouts.

The variety of scratch cards and fast results are the reason for the popularity of instant lottery at Joker Win online casino.

RTP and volatility

Manufacturers issue cards with different levels of theoretical return. There are models both with a low RTP of 50-60%, and fast lotteries with a high return – up to 98%.

The developers prescribe the percentage of the theoretical return of funds in the “Information” section. It must be carefully studied before bidding. Some manufacturers indicate the RTP range (“from – to”).

Vendors rarely indicate the volatility of a lottery ticket. It is calculated only empirically. As a rule, the dispersion of scratch cards is low. Winnings are frequent, but not much more than the price of the ticket. In models with progressive jackpots, the volatility is always higher. But there is a chance to get a big prize by spending a small amount on a coupon.

How to play scratch cards online

To play for money, you need a personal account on the online casino website, a positive account balance. The player goes through a quick registration in Joker Win, and then deposits funds through a bank card or G-Pay service.

Only users over the age of 21 can create an account on the site. After registration, you can purchase a lottery ticket.

For this you need:

  1. Select the appropriate scratch card option.
  2. Wait for the slot to load.
  3. Press “Buy”.
  4. Click to erase the protective layer on the map.
  5. Observe the result of an action.

If you are lucky, the winnings will be added to the main balance.

You can play scratch cards in our online casino for free. Just run the demo mode and repeat the above steps. In this case, you do not need to register and deposit money into the game account. You will play for the FUN currency. In the free mode, you can have fun without risk, but such a game will not bring real payouts.

Since the numbers under the protective layer are generated randomly, the player cannot influence the result in any way. Its main task is to choose an instant lottery with the most favorable conditions: high RTP, large prizes and bonuses.

Assortment of games

Scratch cards are produced by various manufacturers. Among them are such well-known companies as Pragmatic Play, Hacksaw Gaming, Relax Gaming, Evoplay. At Joker Win online casino we offer a wide selection of fast lotteries.

You can play the following games:

  1. Scratch Match by Evoplay. RTP 97.25%. Modification with a choice of the number of cells – 10 or 20. The maximum win multiplier is x30,000. The “Bonus 777” function has been added. By enabling this option, the player automatically bets on three sevens. If they fall out, he will receive a lottery super prize.
  2. Hallow Pick by Spinomenal. The level of return in the rules is not specified. Scratch card with a 3×3 field is designed in Halloween style. The maximum multiplier is x4000. There is a bonus symbol that entitles you to an additional ticket. If you collect three of these pictures, the next coupon is issued for free.
  3. Wolf Gold by Pragmatic Play. RTP – from 67.03 to 74.48%. Designed in the style of a popular slot provider. The developer offers to buy from 1 to 50 tickets. Buying coupons in a large pack saves money – discounts up to 10% are given. The main prize is 1,000,000 UAH. The number of tickets is limited.
  4. Mini Scratchy by Hacksaw Gaming. RTP 50.38%. The machine gives out prizes ranging from 0.50 to 25,000 €. Winnings are formed on the principle of “three in a row”. The ticket price is 1 €.
  5. 7 Piggies 5000 by Pragmatic Play. RTP from 85.40 to 94.89%. A slot with a funny design in the style of Angry Birds with painted pigs. The maximum prize amount is indicated in the title of the game. It also allows you to buy up to 50 tickets at a time.

These and other types of fast lotteries are available to play for money and for free in the catalog of our Joker Win casino.

What strategies are used

The result of the move in online lotteries is determined by a random number generator. Neither the casino nor the player can influence his work. In the long run (over 1000 bets), the overall result becomes a little more predictable, since the machine operates according to the parameters set by the developer.

Knowing the level of return and volatility, you can apply the standard strategy, but only in games with a choice of bet size or number of tickets. You gradually increase the amount at stake, when you reach the maximum threshold and there is no win, you reduce the bet. This scheme is also called “Umbrella”.

Let’s break it down step by step:

  1. Determine the betting limit, taking into account the bankroll and the features of the machine. For example, set a bet limit of 100 UAH and choose a lottery with an RTP of 87%.
  2. Buy a ticket for a minimum rate of 0.5 UAH.
  3. If the coupon does not win, you bet again without increasing the amount. And so 5 times, i.e. spend another 2.5 UAH.
  4. Increase the amount or number of tickets purchased at a time by 2 times. Increase spending per move up to 1 hryvnia.
  5. In the absence of a positive result, continue to place bets without changing their size. Bet 5 more times for 1 UAH.
  6. And so on, until you reach the threshold – 100 UAH.
  7. If you reach your bet limit and don’t win, decrease your bet size in the same way until you reach the lower limit. That is, first you reduce it to 50 UAH, then to 25 UAH, and so on.

With this strategy and the low limits that are usually given in scratch cards, the balance is maintained longer. This scheme allows you not to lose everything instantly.


What are scratch cards?

Scratch cards are a type of instant lottery. The main element is a protective layer, under which the prizes are hidden. In online lotteries you can win money, multipliers, free bets, boosters and jackpots. The result is determined immediately after erasing the protective element. In virtual maps, this happens by clicking on the screen.

How to play scratch cards?

Log in to the Joker Win online casino site. Make sure you have enough funds on your balance to buy lottery tickets. Download the game. Buy a ticket and erase the layer. Take the prize. If unlucky, you can immediately buy another coupon or end the session.

Can I play scratch cards for free?

Yes, in lotteries, the numbers on the coupon are determined by a random number generator. You can play the lottery for free without registering on the website of a casino legal in Ukraine.

To do this, simply select “Demo” when loading the slot: virtual coins will be spent on the purchase of tickets. But remember that you cannot withdraw the money won in this mode, as well as participate in the jackpot draw.