Video poker is a slot machine in which a combination of user and computer cards is randomly determined. The most primitive models in real casinos appeared back in the 80s, even before the advent of video slots. The pioneer in the online industry was Microgaming. She first introduced video poker to internet clubs in 1994.

Unlike real poker in an online format, the player acts against the computer. The values ​​of the dropped cards are determined by the random number generator. The user does not use bluffs and other tricks, he only decides whether to raise or end the game.

Video poker rules

The game begins with the choice of a bet and is played according to the standard draw poker rules. The user’s task is to collect a better combination than the virtual opponent. After the deal, he decides whether to fold or keep. After replacement, the result is evaluated. If it was possible to collect a winning combination, the player receives money.

The payout table describes the winning situations and prize amounts. In some varieties of the game, in addition to the classic combinations, there are combinations with a joker.

What else do you pay attention to when playing:

  1. The presence of a risk round. Manufacturers add it so that the player can experience more emotions from the bets. With a successful move, the winnings are doubled, if you make a mistake, the prize amount burns out.
  2. Progressive jackpot. Vendors combine slot machines into a single network. Bets in such video poker games can bring a large payout.
  3. Payouts for winning combinations. In different models, the coefficients are different.
  4. Auto Hold function. After the distribution, the computer evaluates the situation on its own and changes weak cards.
  5. Bet range. For high rollers, manufacturers release video poker games with high limits. Such slot machines are also present in the Joker Win online casino collection.

The functionality of the games is practically the same. Main buttons: Bet One, Bet Max, Draw, Hold.

Varieties of video poker

Software manufacturers produce various types of card emulator. They add wild symbols and other bonuses for variety.

The following variations are offered:

  1. Deuces Wild. In this video poker game, deuces are wilds.
  2. Jacks Or Better. A popular variant of virtual draw poker. Payouts start with combinations with jacks.
  3. Teens Or Better. A subspecies of the previous video poker, where prize money is given out for a couple of tens and higher combinations.
  4. Bonus Poker. This game has increased payouts for four of a kind.

Most types of online poker are distinguished by increased odds for specific combinations and the ability to bet on several hands.

The manufacturers also offer to play in a live casino. In this mode, the cards are distributed by a real croupier, and the player competes with other visitors to the site. At the tables in Live mode, places are limited, there is no opportunity to play for free.

Bets are accepted only with real money. The live format offers various variations of online poker: Texas Hold’em, Five Card Stud, American and Caribbean variants.

How to play online for money

To play video poker for real money, you must register on our site. She takes a minute. Enter your phone number or email address, then enter your password to sign in to your account.

Only persons over 21 years of age are allowed to play for money. The administration has the right to request a passport photo for user identification. In case of fraud, the winnings are canceled, the account is blocked.

When you create an account, you can subscribe to the newsletter. Our casino Joker Win will notify you about new promotions, tournaments and lotteries by SMS or e-mail.

Next, enter your personal account and replenish the game balance. To do this, select the “Deposit” section. Then enter the payment method (G Pay or Visa card) and the transfer amount.


  1. Select the Tables section in the main menu.
  2. Click on the card game machine you like.
  3. Enter the bet amount.
  4. Click the Turn In button.
  5. Study the cards and choose your next action: fold, change, or double down.
  6. Get paid out on a successful move.

After the successful moves, the money goes to your game balance. If you have not used bonuses, the winnings can be immediately withdrawn to the bank card.

Which games are presented in the Joker Win Club

Fans of card games will find a large number of varieties of virtual poker. You can bet on the following slot machines:

  1. Texas Hold’Em 3D by Evoplay. The field is decorated in the style of the Wild West. The game uses chips instead of coins.
  2. Red Black Poker by SkyWind Group. Additional prizes are paid for guessing the color of the dropped cards during the game. The user can make a half bet.
  3. Triple Edge Poker by BetSoft. In this game, you can make three bets in one move.
  4. Magic Poker by Wazdan. Slot machine with an additional payout for 4 cards of the same denomination. The bonus is displayed on a separate screen.

The collection of video poker games on our site is constantly updated. You will find other variations of the card game in the “Tables” section.

How to play video poker for free

In the card emulator, the outcome of the move is determined by the random number generator. You can use the demo version of the machine to make sure that the slot machine gives back and practice. It is available without registration and deposit. To play for free, simply select demo mode when clicking on video poker.

Rules, interface in the test version do not change. You just cannot collect the prize amount or win the jackpot if it is provided in the selected model. For beginners, playing for free is a great opportunity to hone your skills without risk.

After downloading, the balance will be replenished with the FUN virtual currency. You spend it to test the emulator. If the currency runs out, just restart the machine. Once you get used to the rules and choose a strategy, you can already play for money.

What strategies exist

In video poker, classic strategies and schemes are used: Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci. They are built on increasing or decreasing the size of the bet with each next move, depending on the outcome of the previous one.

When playing online slot machines, such strategies are also used. But the choice depends on the specific type of card game, the range of bets, the level of return and the volatility of the machine. With high volatility, it makes sense to use the Martingale risk strategy only for high rollers.

The basis of the standard strategy, applicable to all video poker games, is a simple increase in the probability of winning combinations.

How it works with an example:

  1. Initially, the dealer dealt you 5 cards. Two of them are tens. This is a ready-made pair for which you can get paid.
  2. You fix them. Change the rest of the cards.
  3. If another ten comes up, make a set.
  4. If you fail to complete a set, get paid for the pair.

Such a simple scheme does not allow you to remain at a large loss.


What is video poker?

Video poker is a machine in which the user receives payouts for the loss of certain cards. Based on classic poker combinations. But manufacturers supplement the games with wilds, wilds and other bonuses.

Can I play video poker live?

In live mode, you can play online poker against the dealer and other users. To do this, you need to select a table and place a bet.

But this kind of card game is different from video poker. In the slot machine, you compete only with the computer. In live format, the result is determined in real time. You watch on video how the croupier distributes cards, you can follow all his actions.

How to play video poker for money?

Log in to the Joker Win casino website. Top up your balance. Choose a card emulator. Decide on the size of the bet and click “Deal”. Select the cards you want to replace. Double your bet or click “Pass”. Get paid in case of a successful move.